The UC Statement of Privacy Values and Privacy Principles identifies "privacy as an important value of the University of California." As a public institution, the University also has an obligation to provide access to information regarding the conduct of business to ensure transparency and accountability.

The UC Santa Barbara Privacy Office provides resources and guidance regarding the use and release of data as well as information about safeguarding privacy.

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UC Santa Barbara Website Privacy

The privacy of visitors to a University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) website is important to UCSB. Our website privacy practices are summarized below and apply to all authorized UCSB websites.

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Privacy at UC Santa Barbara

The University of California respects the privacy of individuals. Privacy plays an important role in human dignity and is necessary for an ethical and respectful workplace. Indeed, the California Constitution guarantees the inalienable right to privacy.

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Privacy Best Practices

  • Apply privacy principles to everyday work.
  • Determine whether information is necessary and relevant to document/process.  If you do not “need” the information for a specific purpose, don’t collect it!

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